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Definite Linux Bookshelf - Contents

A gigantic collection of Linux reference material on 1 CD-ROM!

Definite Linux Bookshelf comes an asingle CD-ROM and contains all of the information you will need to get the most out of Linux. The disk features Guides, HOWTOs, Reference titles etc & can be read by any Macintosh, Windows 95/98 or Linux machine with a CD ROM Drive.

There are over 100,000 searchable pages of essential Linux information, ideal for the beginner and more experienced user.


Getting Started:

  • Installation and Getting Started Guide
  • Josh’s GNU/Linux Guide
  • The Official RedHat Linux 6.0 Installation Guide
  • The Practical Manager’s Guide to Linux

Using Linux:

  • Linux User’s Guide
  • GNOME User’s Guide
  • K Desktop Environment
  • KDE Frequently Asked Questions
  • KDE Quickstart Guide
  • Xfree86 Documentation
  • Apache 1.3 User’s Guide
  • GUM, the GIMP User’s Manual


  • Linux Programmer’s Guide
  • Maximum RPM
  • Linux Kernel
  • Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
  • GNU Manuals (and a few others)

System Guides:

  • Linux Newbie Administrator Guide – LNAG
  • Linux Network Administrator’s Guide
  • Linux System Administrator’s Guide
  • Guide for Internet Server Professionals
  • Linux HOWTO’s
  • Linux MAN Pages
  • Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
  • Request for Comments “RFC”s
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