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Definite Linux Advanced Bookshelf

Definite Linux Advanced Bookshelf
A gigantic collection of Advanced Linux reference material on 1 CD-ROM!

Definite Linux Advanced Bookshelf comes an a single CD-ROM and contains all of the information experienced users will need to get the most out of Linux. The disk features Guides, HOWTOs, Reference titles etc & can be read by any Macintosh, Windows 95/98 or Linux machine with a CD ROM Drive.

There are over 65,000 searchable pages of essential Linux information, ideal for programmers, system administrators, webmasters and advanced Linux users.

The following table lists the categories featured on the Advanced Bookshelf, and also the titles therein. If you are a newcomer to Linux or you don't see the information you need, try the Definite Linux Bookshelf - over 100,000 searchable page of Linux information!


  • Linux Administration Made Easy
  • Linuxconf's technical references
  • The Linux System Administrators Guide
  • Maximum RPM


  • MySQL Reference Manual
  • PostgreSQL Users Guide
  • PostgreSQL Administrators Guide
  • PostgreSQL Programmers Guide
  • PostgreSQL Tutorial

File Systems

  • Analysis of the Ext2fs structure
  • Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • Linux Filesystem Structure


  • HTML 4.01 Specification
  • The Linux HOWTO Index
  • Linux Standard Base Specification 0.1


  • Bash Reference Manual
  • The gnu Binary Utilities
  • GNU Fileutils
  • GNU Find
  • Effective AWK Programming
  • GNU Make
  • GNU tar: an archiver tool
  • GNU textutils


  • LILO - A Technical Overview
  • LILO - A User's Guide


  • Using Samba


  • Version Management with CVS
  • Executable and Linking Format (ELF) Specification
  • The GNU C Library
  • The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
  • Using and Porting GNU Fortran
  • Using and Maintaining GNU Pascal
  • Perl Programmers Reference Guide
  • PHP Manual TCL/TK Reference
    • Python
    • Python/C API Reference Manual
    • Python Reference Manual
    • Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter
    • Python Library Reference
    • Python Tutorial


  • The Linux Administrators Security Guide
  • Get Acquainted with Linux Security and Optimization System
  • Linux Secure and Optimized Server
  • The Linux-PAM System Administrators' Guide
  • The Linux-PAM Application Developers' Guide
  • The Linux-PAM Module Writers' Guide

X Windows

  • GDK Reference Manual
  • GLib Reference Manual
  • GTK+ / Gnome Application Development
  • GTK+ Reference Manual
  • GTK v1.2 Tutorial
  • KDE 2.0 API Reference
  • Wine API
  • XFree86 documentation
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