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Company Profile

Definite Software Company Profile

Established in 1999 by a small group of industry veterans, Definite Software is targeted to become a major force in the fields of Linux, Internet and ISP as well as seeking opportunities in other leading edge technologies.

Following the highly successful launch of Definite Linux V7.0 at the London Linux Show 99, the company is now expanding its range of Linux related titles with a reference series (Definite Linux Bookshelf) and is actively looking for Linux applications to add to the range of products.

An Advanced Internet server version of Definite Linux will be released at the End of January, featuring a number of unique developments in the fields of e-commerce and security.

Definite Software is currently looking to build brand awareness in overseas countries. To this end, Definite Software has decided to pursue a policy of "Glocal" internationalisation, working hand in hand with partner companies to ensure ownership of the brand in their respective territories.

Overseas companies interested in joining this network of partner companies should contact Definite Software Plc.

Definite Software is committed to developing links with the Linux community at large and to this end has set up a free ISP specifically aimed at Linux users, profits from this operation will be ploughed back into Linux developments.

Mission Statement.

To become a leading provider of non-Microsoft operating systems, applications and services, using Traditional Channels, Internet, and a network of "overseas partners" to access a global market.

We feel strongly that our products should offer high quality and exceptional value for money and to this end we continuously seek ways to improve our staff, systems and product offering.

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Definite Linux Bookshelf
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