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What is Definite Linux?

Definite Linux is an Operating System (the set of programs which make your computer work and through which you communicate with the computer) which is similar to UNIX and is used throughout the world by everyone from home users with one computer to large corporations with huge networks of computers.

Linux can communicate easily with, and be installed alongside other Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows) and offers unrivaled stability, reliability, flexibility, value-for-money and power.

Definite Linux offers users a modern graphical interface, compatibility with most standard hardware and easy installation - also, once Definite Linux is installed on your computer you will have access to vast amounts of software which you can legally use on as many computers as you wish for as long as you wish.

How does Definite Linux compare with other Linux distributions?

What's different about Linux?

Definite Linux comes with hundreds of full applications included as standard - StarOffice from SUN Microsystems for example is a fully integrated office suite which comes FREE, licenced for home AND business use! Click here for a more comprehensive list of software included FREE with Definite Linux.

Definite Linux can be used to complete any feasible computer task - from sending email or a fax, browsing the Web or typing a memo to programming, graphics or even modeling complex mathematical problems. What's more, most of the software you need to complete these tasks is either included free with Definite Linux, can be downloaded free from the Internet or will be available for a very reasonable sum.

Linux is generally used by forward thinking individuals and companies and much of the software developed for Linux is subsequently made available to others for further development.

Is Definite Linux used on the Internet?

Linux is the backbone of the Internet - over half of all web servers in the world use Linux - its incredible stability and networkability make it ideal for use in companies where programs and information need to be shared by many different people. By the same token, Linux is ideal as a stable, fast, desktop computer environment.

Definite Linux is a fully tested modern Operating System which gives users an unprecedented platform from which to achieve their goals.

Join the Linux revolution today.

Minimum System Specifications to run Definite Linux:

IBM PC compatible computer (386 and better), minimum of 4Mb RAM (16 Mb recommended), 600 Mb Hard Disk space free, VGA graphics, mouse, CD-ROM drive & a 3.5" floppy drive if your CD-ROM drive is not bootable.


Definite Linux is a fully featured Linux distribution with the following main features: (If you require more specific information, please send us an email at [email protected])


  • Easy installation with autodetection and configuration of hardware.
  • Graphical User Interface based on Xfree86TM 3.3.5 installed on installation, supports most popular graphics cards.
  • Includes KDE 1.1.1 (K Desktop Environment) & Gnome 1.0 (with the latest updates).
  • Supports 3D Hardware accelerated graphics cards including Voodoo, TNT & 3D labs cards.
  • Fully glibc 2.1 based.
  • Includes user authentication with password authentication module.
  • All standard user packages and applications are in RPM format for ease of installation, with sources in srpm format.
  • Definite Linux is fully Year 2000 compliant.
  • Desktop Environments X-Windows, kde, gnome, fvwm/fvwm95, icevm, Enlightenment, WindowMaker
  • Office Suite - Star Office 5.1a for personal and business use
  • Networking Internet, Intranet, TCP/IP, PPP, IPX, Appletalk, Token Ring, ARCnet NFS, UUCP, HAM Radio, ISDN, Windows SMB
  • Internet WWW, FTP, Mail, News, DNS, ICQ, Firewall, IRC, E-Commerce solutions, Apache
  • Programming C/C++, Fortran, Pascal, Lisp, java Editors Emacs, XEMacs, nedit, vi, joe Complete set of Unix tools
  • Web Design PHP, Perl, Frontpage Extensions
  • Graphic Design Gimp, Blender, teTex/latex, Ghostscript
  • Multimedia CD Player, MP3 Player, Open Sound System, MPEG Video Player and much more...

Definite Linux is fully compatible with Red Hat 6.0, but with the following additional features:

  • Based on Linux Kernel 2.2.12
  • Includes support for ISDN
  • Includes Hylafax enterprise class fax server with clients for Windows & Macintosh
  • Includes Netscape 4.6.1 with support for 128 bit encryption
  • Enhanced support for CD Writing including cdrecord & cdda2wav
  • Includes Lightweight Directory Access Protocol support (LDAP) Includes password authentication module (PAM) for Apache
  • Supports Cryptographic Extensions in the Kernel
  • Enhanced raid support including support for DPT Smartraid V


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