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December 1st, 1999 Lucent release drive for PCI modems. Definite RPM available
November 25th, 1999 Definite Linux offers X Server for ATI Rage 128 and Intel i810 cards.
November 19th, 1999 Definite Linux SSH is safe The release of SSH included with Definite Linux is not susceptible to the recently announced SSH security hole.
October 29th, 1999 Definite Linux was the most popular product with purchasers at this weeks MS Windows NT show in Olympia, London.
October 21st, 1999 Kernel 2.2.13 is released.
Definite Software is the first Linux distribution to release a kernel with a full IPSEC implementation. All registered users sent the new kernel with all existing errata updates.
Definite Linux 7.0 Standard Version Definite Linux 7.0 offers an incredibly powerful operating environment for all your computing needs from word processing and financial accounting through to high-end server solutions to provide internet and office server facilities. As Definite Linux is developed and maintained in the UK we are free to include full support for cryptographic systems including web browsers with full 128 bit support and easy to use VPN (virtual private network) and firewall software. All registered users of Definite Linux are entitled to 90 days of free technical support via email and fax for installation and `getting started' issues.
Definite Linux 7.0 Advanced Internet Server Edition The ready to use ecommerce solution featuring full 128 bit encryption for secure web serving. Definite Linux AISE installs with a far more secure default configuration so that it is not necessary to spend time ensuring that unnecessary services are turned off. The only networking services turned on by default are IMAP, POP3 and WEB. For remote connectivity secure shell connections are fully supported. The Advanced Internet Server Edition is also compiled with full pentium optimisations offering speed improvements of up to 30% over the standard edition.


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