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Definite Software Plc. Is actively looking for suitable "Partner Companies" in territories outside the UK.
Companies interested in becoming exclusive distributors for Definite Software products should contact Ian Birchenough - [email protected].

It is expected that Partners will share our enthusiasm for Linux and will be prepared to set up local technical helpdesks and get involved in local Linux community matters if they do not already do so. We are also hoping that Definite Products will be "localised" as far as possible to present end users with a product which caters for local trading conditions in terms of price, content and appearance and yet which will retain a recognisable "branded" feel.

As we are offering exclusive territories, Partners should be able to demonstrate a range of high quality local contacts and be capable of providing territory coverage.

Partner Companies will be able to participate in the Definite Linux share options scheme, receiving shares in Definite Software Plc. depending on the quantity of Definite Software sold in each territory. These shares may be worth a considerable sum should Definite Software Plc. be floated as a quoted company.

The strength of the Partner Company concept is that we all gain the opportunity to act locally on such matters as price and content and yet build an international brand in which we all have a vested interest. By having the flexibility to react to local situations and exclusivity, Partners can be assured that they are in control of the product within their territories and not subject to the whims of monolithic corporations.


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