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Definite Software produce a range of Linux products as follows:

Definite Linux Boxed Set

Is a multi purpose Operating System which is similar to UNIX - fully featured and supplied with hundreds of great applications including StarOffice 5.1a from SUN Microsystems licensed for home and business use.

Ideal for use either as a workstation or as a powerful server. With a versatile Graphical User Interface (GUI), UK-specific features eg ISDN support and easy installation, Definite Linux can be installed alongside other Operating Systems (eg Windows) and offers unrivaled speed, power and stability. It is also very cost effective and flexible - use it as a file/print/Internet/fax server and you could save thousands of pounds over the equivalent system built using Windows NT/ Netware etc. Also, because Definite Linux is Open Source software it is much easier to ensure that all of the software on your computers is legal.

Definite Linux Advanced Internet Server Edition

As per Definite Linux Boxed Set, but with the following extra features:Includes Apache 128 Bit Secure Internet Server - ideal if you or your company wish to conduct business on the Web. Operating System and all of the supplied applications are compiled specifically for use on Pentium processors for maximum speed.

Definite Linux Bookshelf

25 of the best manuals & guides on 1 CD-ROM! The subjects covered include Getting Started, Using Linux, Advanced, System Guides and reference. The Definite Linux Bookshelf is included FREE with the Definite Linux Boxed Set.

Definite Linux Advanced Bookshelf

For experienced Linux users and administrators this disk contains all of the manuals and guides required to get the most out of Linux. The disk also includes a complete guide to the history of the development of the Linux kernel.

Definite Linux Merchandise

Need somewhere to put those old-fashioned pieces of paper?
Dying for a cup of coffee but don't have any clean mugs?
Definite Software have a range of merchandise just for you.

Pre-built Linux PC Systems

We can supply powerul PC systems with Definite Linux pre-installed. These reasonably priced machines are extremely powerful and ready-to-go straight out of the box.

StarOffice 5.1a

Fully-featured office suite. Comes FREE with Definite Linux & is compatible with all major Office Suites.

Definite Linux
Definite Linux
Definite Linux Advanced Internet Server
Advanced Internet Server
Definite Linux Bookshelf
Definite Linux Bookshelf
Definite Linux Advanced Bookshelf
Advanced Bookshelf

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