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Linux Questions & Answers

Q. What is Linux?
Q. Can I use Linux as a Workstation/Server?
Q. What's the legal position?
Q. How much does it cost?
Q. Is there any documentation?
Q. Is Linux good in the office?
Q. Why buy Definite Linux?
Q. Will Linux run on my PC?
Q. Is Linux good for networking?
Q. Can I use Linux to browse the Internet?
Q. How is Linux pronounced?
Q. What is Open Source?
Q. Can I use it to send / receive email?
Q. Is there any free software available?
Q. Can I buy a mug / baseball cap etc?
Q. What are Linux distributions?
Q. Can I play games in Linux?
Q. Is there a free ISP for Linux users?
Q. Can I share files with other PCs? Q. Do I need the Advanced Internet Server ? Q. What's in the future for Linux?


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