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Technical Support


To receive free installation technical support for your copy of Definite Linux please register your purchase with us online.
Otherwise in your Definite Linux box you will find a registration card with your Definite Linux Serial number on it. You need to complete this registration card and send it back to us as directed on the card.
Remember, in the UK, you do not need a stamp as we use a FREEPOST address.
Technical Support
Send installation query to Definite Software If you have an installation problem, please contact us by email or send us a fax (0870 052 6843), detailing your problem. Please ensure that you state your Definite Linux Registration code in your communication to help us to answer your query as soon as possible.

We offer a range of technical support options for Definite Linux ranging from a premium rate telephone line offering immediate access to support for just 1.00 per minute, through to annual technical support contracts suitable for corporate customers with with service guarantees.
For more details please contact us using the details on our Company Info page.

Errata Updates
View errata pages Like any other operating system, from time to time, updates become available for Definite Linux to fix security issues or general bugs. These updates are available for download from our Errata pages.

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